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Trading Engineering provides you with all the complete tools from A to Z on online trading that will allow you to trade like a true professional.


We help you perform in the financial markets.

One Click FX

With One Click FX you can choose between 3 different pre-set strategies to best trade your favorite instruments. The proposed strategies are suitable for all trading styles, from intraday to multi-day. The automated analysis draws the most important prices of the day, week and month directly on the chart. As a result, you no longer need to track this information on a separate graph. With One Click FX you will have everything you need to trade at your fingertips, on a single screen!

FX Button

With Fx Button you can get buy/sell ratings in seconds on your favorite financial instruments, using multiple advanced monitoring tools. Use the relative strength of major currencies to improve your trading performance. It was programmed by professional traders to identify the market trend and signals of a possible reversal.

FX Booster

With FX Booster you can manage your trades directly from the chart. FX Booster will draw the best dynamic supports and resistances directly on the chart, calculated according to a Fibonacci-inspired method. Whether you want to follow the trend or trade reversals, you will always know where to place your entry to get the maximum return from your trade.

Initial Balance FX

Initial Balance FX is the simple and intuitive solution for your intraday trading in the currency markets. Thanks to the clever use of colors in the dashboard, you get buy/sell ratings in seconds, while the levels on the chart help you identify the best entry price for your trade and possible daily targets.

About Us

Trading Engineering has been a leading software house in the Italian market of online trading products since 2015.

Our main goal is to provide traders with the best tools helping them to set up winning trading strategies.

Our product offering is broad and includes both tools for beginner traders and more advanced tools dedicated to more experienced traders.

Our Mission

Trading Engineering provides traders with the skills and knowledge accumulated by its team of professional traders in over 30 years of experience.

We want to make trading simple for everyone, both novice and experienced traders, providing them with everything they need to identify trends, anticipate reversals, and make winning trades in all market conditions.

Our state-of-the-art tecnology bring the advanced functions of the best professional platforms to Metatrader4, and allow extremely fast navigation, which reduces analysis times to a minimum, leaving the trader free to dedicate himself 100% to trading.

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